Wednesday, January 27, 2016

GNbL- Tiger Stripe Nails

We've all at one point or another have overcome some obstacle in our lives which made us stronger, more peaceful, and empowered us along the way. In every moment we face like that we "earn our stripes". I have been faced with so many challenges already in this new year that have pushed me to seek new ways of doing this work, and have made me feel sidetracked even though my work is ahead of schedule substantially, that one day I was sitting there waiting for a flareup to subside and thought to myself, "the old me would have never made it through this." In a sense, I felt like that day I was wearing a badge of sorts. I felt proud to be able to allow myself to relax and recover so I could continue living. While I was deep in thought I remembered that whole "earn your stripes" statement and it made me come up with some tiger print/ tiger stripe nail art. As soon as the flareup went away, I went and did my nails, filmed a few tutorials and got myself feeling pretty proud. I just had to create a set of nails for you all inspired by the nail art I did on myself.

Purchase this set on eBay or Etsy, and watch a tutorial.

Products used-
Nicka K New York nail polish 054 Swan and 092 Orange
KleanColor nail polish 51 Brown
Art Club striping polish NA2 Black
Beauty Secrets topcoat

Welcome to Glamour Nails by Leda

Here you will find all the information necessary to make a purchase. Details about orders, and information to frequently asked questions are all below. If you have any further questions please feel free to comment on the blog post. 

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***I will update pictures of all nail types as soon as the rest of the nails come in the mail. I've included what I have on hand at the moment. 

Nail Tips Available:

NEW Extreme Long Square Natural Tips - $24
NEW Extreme Long Square Clear Tips - $24

NEW Extreme Long Stiletto Natural Tips - $22
NEW Extreme Long Stiletto Clear Tips - $22

Extra Long Square Natural Tips - $20
NEW Extra Long Square Clear Tips - $20

Extra Long Tapered Natural Tips - $18
NEW Long Tapered Clear Tips - $18

NEW Extra Long Stiletto Natural Tips - $16
NEW Extra Long Stiletto Clear Tips - $16

Long Square Natural Tips - $14

NEW Long Stiletto Natural Tips - $12
NEW Long Stiletto Clear Tips - $12

NEW Square Natural Nail Tips (Perfect for Medium/Small nail beds) - $10

Medium Square Natural Tips - $8
NEW Medium Square Clear Tips - $8

Medium Round Natural Tips - $6
NEW Medium Round Clear Tips - $6

NEW Short Round Natural Tips - $4
NEW Short Round Clear Tips - $4

NEW Short Stiletto Natural Tips - $4
NEW Short Stiletto Clear Tips - $4

**All sets will be sold in groups of twenty with sizes from 0-9. Prices above are before nail tips have been painted and designed.

Nail Art Pricing: 

3D nail art with Acrylic/ Gems/ Fimo/ Large Rhinestones/ Charms/ Nail Jewelry
  • $1.50 per nail, $30 full set, $15 half set

3D Seasonal nail art
  • $1.00 per nail, $20 full set, $10 half set

Waterslide Decal nail art
  • $0.75 per nail, $15 full set, $7.50 half set

Acrylic paint nail art
  • $14 full set,  $7.00 half set

Metallic acrylic paint nail art
  • $15 full set, $7.50 half set

Polish & Glitter powder/pieces or Rhinestone combo
  • $12 full set,  $6 half set

Water Marble/ Dry Marble/ Sponge Gradient/ Nail Stamping art
  • $12 full set,  $6 half set

Vinyl decal/Vinyl stencil nail art
  • $0.25 per nail, $5.00 full set,  $2.50 half set

Liner tape/Liner tape stencil art
  • $0.20 per nail, $4 full set,  $2 half set

Liner tape/Liner tape stencil & glitter or rhinestone combo
  • $12 full set,  $6.00 half set

NEW Magnetic nail polish/ Crackle polish/ Texture Polish

  • $10 full set, $5 half set

Glitter polish art/ Striping polish art

  • $6 full set, $3 half set

Polished Nails 
  • $4 full set,  $2 half set

Rhinestones/ Glitter pieces/ Glitter powder/ Micro beads/ Crushed shell
  • $0.50 per nail, $10 full set, $5 half set

Super matte topcoat/ Matte nail art
  • $6.00 full set, $3.00 half set

Generic Nail Glue: $1.00/tube Mini nail file: $0.50/file

Special requests/custom orders fee- $10-$30 dollars.

A small information sheet will be included in each package to assist with application.

Note- Square nail tips are not as wide as all the other nail tips I offer, and their length falls right between the Long square and Medium square nail tips. This nail tip style runs from size 1-10. If your nail beds are a bit on the slender side (smaller than average), this nail tip may best suit your needs.

All orders received will be handled immediately but please understand, to ensure a quality product, allow 15-20 business days for processing to ensure your nails will dry efficiently and cure properly to avoid damaging during shipping. I do try to have sets pre painted and ready to go, but sometimes due to high work volume, your nails will be painted at the time your order is received.  All shipments are processed Monday - Friday. If you order is received after 4:00 pm EST on Friday it will not be processed until Monday morning and shipped within 15-20 business days. 

**How to figure out pricing-Your total price depends on which style tips you choose and what nail art you want on them. Nail art can be painted on all twenty tips in your order or on ten of them if you like to have alternating nails. If you decide to mix and match nail art on your tips then the prices for all styles chosen will apply to the final price of your set. For example, if you choose short stiletto natural nail tips that have magnetic nail polish and 3D acrylic nail art on only ten of the nail tips, then your total would be $30.50. This price also includes your mini nail file and generic nail glue. 

Shipping Charges
$4.50 for the first set and $2.00 for each additional set in the U.S. through USPS First Class mail.

$15.50 on the first set for international customers and $2.00 for each additional set through First Class International Service with USPS.

$8.00 for the first set and $2.00 for each additional set in the U.S. through USPS Priority Mail. Tracking will be included free of charge.

**All international customers are responsible for any additional fees, duties or customs forms involved. Check with your local postal carrier for additional information. Please be aware that delays in delivery can happen and delivery time varies based on your location. U.S. customers, please allow up to two weeks, and international customers please allow up to six weeks, should any delays happen.

NOTE: Please make sure that your shipping and email addresses are correct on your PayPal, Etsy and/or eBay account. I will not be responsible if your nail set is lost in the mail due to incorrect address provided at time of purchase.

**Should nails be damaged due to poor handling of postal carrier please inform me immediately of damage. Include pictures and description and I will work something out with you to replace your set. Sizes for most tips are 0-9. Square nail tips for medium/small nail beds are sizes 1-10. A top coat of polish will be applied to protect the design during shipping. For orders submitted via email, please specify if you wish to order nail glue and a nail file with your set of press on nails, as well as which tip you prefer the design on. I will accept payments through Paypal only.

All sales are FINAL! Due to health regulations, my nails cannot be used, and then refunded. Use of these nails indicates you accept them as they are.

CUSTOM ORDERS: I welcome custom order requests and would love to create something special for you! Please note that a custom order request that includes design changes, special order art, or colors that I may not have in stock, will be priced higher than a similar "ready to ship" item. Payment for custom orders is required in advance. Once we've confirmed all your requirements, I will create a custom listing or email you the details of your request, including the pricing, processing time frame and shipping charges. Once you have purchased the listing through eBay or Etsy, or made your payment for your email order, I will paint and design your nail set. If there are any unexpected delays while I am designing your set, I will also provide status updates to keep you informed of progress while I work on your order.

Tips can be used as full press on nails or as nail extensions. Nail tips can be used alone or under acrylic, silk wrap, fiber glass wrap, uv gel, etc., to extend the life of the design. Check with your local nail technician to find out which would work best for you. Resizing by filing or trimming to achieve desired look and fit may be necessary. Can be cut to achieve desired length. 

Please keep in mind that these nail sets are custom made which means that every nail is slightly different from each other and the artwork is handmade (not machine made) so expect minor variations between sets. (Hand made which vary in color and design vs. machine made which provides a flawless standardized design). Also, every computer screen resolution will view color differently. I do the best to take clear photos of the products I sell.

Press-on nails can last from a few days to up to two weeks depending on your lifestyle. Nail sets that have 3D nail art on them, such as nail charms, dangles, nail jewelry, acrylic art, will be top heavy and more prone to lifting. You can use them for one time use with nail stickers (not available), with the ability to reuse the nail tips or keep them on for a few days with nail glue. Press on nails are a temporary nail enhancement and not recommended for permanent use.

Please educate yourself on nail glue. Nail glue is very similar to the product known as "Super Glue" that you see in your local retail stores. 

***I cannot be held responsible for damage caused by nail glue or any allergic reactions you may have to any of the products used in creating your nail sets (nail polish, acrylic paints, glitter, nail tips, etc.). 

You can email me at with your order and any questions. Business inquiries only. Prices are subject to change. 

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